Thursday, 8 November 2018

Rollbe Click Is a Super Compact, Coin-Sized Rolling Ruler

Rollbe Click Is a Super Compact, Coin-Sized Rolling Ruler

Does anyone ever have a ruler handy? They’re oversized which generally means you have to stash it away out of arms reach instead of leaving it out taking up precious desk space. Instead of relying on a typical ruler maybe it’s time to think differently and that’s just what Karlis Krisjans has done with the Rollbe Click. The super compact rolling ruler is designed to measure just about anything and it fits right inside your pocket so it’s a convenient tool to have around.

The Rollbe Click is made of durable black titanium coated stainless steel with laser engraved markings that contrast for easy reading. It features a built-in clicking sound and a highlighted starting point making it easy to track the measurements of straight lines and curved surfaces.

Rollbe Click comes in both Metric and the Imperial system and in two sizes, one that’s about the size of a coin (4 inch and 10 cm) and a larger one (8 inch and 20 cm), both of which can easily fit in a pocket. The smaller versions come with a leather keychain for added convenience while the larger ones have a leather case available for purchase.

The Rollbe Click is available through an already successful Kickstarter until December 6th, 2018 if you want to get one of your very own.

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