Thursday, 15 November 2018

From Cookie-Cutter to Memorable in Maine

From Cookie-Cutter to Memorable in Maine, Design*Sponge
Sometimes, a home’s history or architectural details are what make it appealing to a buyer. Occasionally it’s the location or price. For one specific type of house hunter, though, the requirements are much more rudimentary. To be satisfied, all this group needs is a blank canvas where their imaginations can run wild. Such is the case with artists Rachel Gloria Adams and her husband Ryan Adams of Portland, ME.
The two-bedroom townhome they purchased last year is located in the same community as Rachel’s mother, but other than that it doesn’t boast any other universally-appealing trait. No dramatic windows, chef’s kitchen or storied past here. It’s so simple, in fact, its layout has actually been photocopied dozens of times and used for other units throughout the complex it sits in. This freedom from the constraints of an architectural style, while unappealing for some, is exactly what’s afforded this duo the opportunity to do whatever they please with the space.
Making their townhouse stand out was fairly easy once they started blending their two aesthetics together. Ryan used the blank slate as a canvas for artwork that is more streamlined and numeric. Rachel, on the other hand, has offset the home’s stark nature with pattern. Combined, the smattering of shapes and colors throughout each room somehow feels both delightfully haphazard and intentional at the same time. All in all, it makes their home hard to categorize but easy to love. Enjoy! —Garrett
Photography by Chanel Lewis & Andrew Estey
Image above: This exuberant print felt too special for a grey wall, so Rachel and Ryan tracked down a wallpaper energetic enough to complement it.

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