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DIY Supply Book – The Paint Edition


Welcome to the second edition of our DIY Supply Book! Today we’re taking a look at the different types of craft paints and their applications. Before you use that bottle that’s been tucked away in your junk drawer, read our guide and choose to upgrade if you can! The experts at JOANN helped us learn the difference between each formula of paint used for DIYs indoors and out. We’ll find out when to use spray paint and the why you should use fabric paint instead of acrylic paint for any textile application. We’re often tempted to use what we have and we’re totally behind that. But…if you want your decor or giftable DIY to last over time, it’s worth your time to learn about and work with the right paint, right finish and the right formula for your project!

We’ll be sharing some woven, floral and metallic DIYs to brighten up the upcoming holiday season too. Let’s get started!

P.S. If you missed our last edition on Adhesives, check it for helpful information about different types of glue.

This post is brought to you in collaboration with JOANN — where you can find craft supplies, fabric and more for every project! Visit them online here and be sure to stop into your nearest JOANN when you’re in the neighborhood. Thanks for supporting our partners who help us bring you original content every weekday.


Acrylic Paint Recap: Acrylic paint is your basic craft paint. This is the type of paint you’ll find the most color selection with since it’s the most versatile for a variety of craft and DIY projects.


Products above: 1. DecoArt Acrylic 12-piece Paint Set | 2. Folk Art Enamel Paint | 3. Glitter Paint | 4. Metallic Paint | 5. Jacquard Fabric Paint



1. Crayola Tempera Paint | 2. Spray Paint | 3. Pouring Medium | 4. Stencil Paint | 5. Patio Paint | 6.  Stain


More Useful Paints

Poster Paint

Use this washable paint for signs, finger painting and other crafts for kids. It’s formulated for use on paper and will easily wash out of fabrics.

Chalkboard Paint

These days you either love chalkboard paint or you’re completely over it. With humble beginnings in green and black, chalkboard paint is now available in nearly every color of the rainbow. Perfect for small wall areas to create a daily menu or in kids’ rooms for all-day doodling, this paint allows for standard school chalk to be used to create messages, drawings and more.

Dimensional or Puffy Paint

Known for use on DIY tote bags with a homespun feel, this type of paint is usually squeezed from tubes making it easy to write or draw onto clothing, felt, fabric or any thick materials. Because this paint adds dimensional texture, you can get really creative. This upcycled faux porcelain vase project uses puffy paint to recreate old-school vessels out of tin cans and everyday bottles.


Crackle Finish

This is a texturizer that is added on top of a color paint layer. It breaks apart when it dries to create an aged look.

Glow In the Dark Paint

This paint is exactly what is sounds like. We’ve seen uses like painting a starry sky on a child’s room ceiling and even painted rocks to light a pathway at an after-dark wedding.

Milk Paint

This paint is another powdered, water-based paint that can be made from milk and lime, with pigments added for color. In other recipes, Borax is mixed with milk’s casein protein to act as a preservative. Milk paint will give you a matte, chalky finish. It sticks to the majority of surfaces, but is primarily used on furniture without having to prime or sand the surface. Milk paint has been in use for thousands of years, like tempera.

Soy Paint

This eco-friendly paint is made from plant-based soy ester resin and uses less water than standard acrylic paint. Soy paint is a bit thicker than your average craft paint and is more drip proof.

Now on to some decorative and seasonal DIY projects filled with everlasting blooms and metallics that can bring the holidays to life this season, without a scarecrow or snowman in site! A visit to JOANN can spark so many ideas, especially when browsing the floral section. Faux florals have come a long way since the days of waxy, plastic flowers so be sure to check out the wall hanging DIY below knowing that there are beautiful blooms waiting for you in the JOANN floral section!

Seasonal Floral + Fiber Wall Hanging (as seen below)Customize this work of art with materials and florals that match your holiday theme or decor!

Get the full DIY Instructions right here. 

Some Favorite Seasonal Florals from JOANN

  1. Burgundy Dahlia Stem | 2. Yellow Pom Pom Stem | 3. Orange Dahlia Stem | 4. Cream Berry Mini Wreath | 5. Pink Pom Pom Stem | 6. Purple Pom Pom Stem 

Use metallic paints to add some bright accents to your tabletop with these silver acorn napkin rings or a whimsical metallic polka-dot pumpkin filled with everlasting stems in the best autumn colors. Get the full DIY instructions here:

Acorn Napkin Rings                                                               Polka-Dot Centerpiece



For more seasonal projects, visit the Projects section of the JOANN website! 




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