Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Before & After: A Sunny Guest Suite Made Basically From Scratch

Before & After: A Sunny Guest Suite Basically From Scratch, Design*Sponge

Before & After: A Sunny Guest Suite Basically From Scratch, Design*Sponge

Amidst the flurry of renovations they oversee for their clients, Bryan and Catherine of Mix Design Collective have done the impossible: Found the time to go from room to room revamping their own Columbus, OH home. Their latest project, a guest suite overhaul, took about three months to complete and saw them pulling square footage seemingly out of thin air.

Situated at the peak of their house, the area they designated for the new suite was originally just a tiny bathroom with white tile, a simple bathtub and run-of-the-mill furnishings. It wasn’t terrible overall, but its awkward layout didn’t make the best use of the room’s quaint footprint. To amp it up, Catherine and Bryan took the bathroom down to the studs. They removed walls to expose previously-unused attic space for the adjoining guest room, installed a skylight to create the illusion of higher ceilings and rearranged where the shower, sink and commode were so the bathroom had a smoother flow.

The furnishings throughout the new guest area are just as unique as the space’s new layout. The concrete vanity and open shelving system, for example, were designed and built by Catherine and Bryan specifically for this bathroom. These customizations meant it took much longer to wrap up the project, but in the end, the ability to provide guests with easy access to all the necessities was worth it. Especially since they are planning on using the space as a short-term rental very soon. Scroll down to see the transformation. Enjoy! —Garrett

P.S. Check out our 2016 tour of Catherine and Bryan’s home here, then head to their blog Beginning in the Middle to track all the changes they’ve made to it since we last spoke with them.

Interior photography by Catherine Williamson

Image above: “Bryan designed and built the vanity, which includes a poured cement top, cedar four-by-four posts and steel pieces from a home improvement store,” Catherine explains.

from Design*Sponge https://ift.tt/2D7CQ5X

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