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A Family Goes Back to Their Roots in the Netherlands

https://ift.tt/2SZHvfJGetting Back to Your Roots in the Netherlands, Design*Sponge

Getting Back to Your Roots in the Netherlands, Design*Sponge
Anyone who’s gone through the rigmarole of buying a home will tell you there’s no magic formula for finding your perfect space. My partner and I, for example, looked at condos our realtor suggested and proactively found some ourselves. We explored fixer-uppers, newer construction, kept our minds open to various neighborhoods and learned the art of compromising one feature for another. You name it, we did it.

Mindy and her husband Theo came into owning a home in their own unique way, too. Four years ago, the couple set their sights on returning to Theo’s hometown of Drachten in the Netherlands. Not only did Drachten evoke Theo’s fondest childhood memories, but the area also boasted great parks, nice schools and, best of all, was still home to his mom and dad.

As the couple prepared to move to Drachten, Theo’s parents also decided to move. How convenient. Just like that, Theo and Mindy had been given the chance to own a house in their desired area. All they had to do was take over the family’s two-story, 1970s-era home and give it some updates.

Customizing the space for her own family has taught Mindy a lot about her approach to longterm projects as well as how a space’s function can inspire its form. Overall, the numerous DIYs she’s undertaken have shown impatient Mindy the value in slowly renovating things correctly. The tweaks made here and there have also highlighted how not every style is right for every family. Living in a museum of expensive antiques, for example, wouldn’t work for this mother of two. Nope. With little ones, casual and carefree decorations are the name of the game.

With a family this close-knit, and three generations worth of memories floating around their home, I wouldn’t be surprised if we tour this same house again in the future. Years from now I’m sure we’ll read about one of Mindy and Theo’s children taking over the home and how, just as their parents and grandparents did before them, they too put their own spin on this nest in the Netherlands. I can’t wait to see the evolution. Enjoy! —Garrett

Photography by Mindy Schroor

Image above: The hanging and potted plants near the entertainment center have been strategically sprinkled around to distract from the TV.

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