Tuesday, 3 January 2017

how to decorate the house and remember the holidays

Summer holidays are the best! It has that festive period end of year and soon after comes days of great sun and animation. Tell the truth! It always gives a crazy desire to make the holidays never end, right? Well, there is no remedy. Remember the holidays decorating tips. It'll be over soon. :( However, it is possible to make some memories of these sunny and happy days continue through the house all year round.We show you here simple holiday decorating ideas.

diy holiday decorating ideas

Sand tags diy holiday decorating ideas

In this project of my beloved lover Sweet Paul , the idea is to bring a little sand from the beaches visited and use to decorate the home. The trick to getting this nice and cute is to use wood glue on a tag and glue the sand as if it were glitter. The complete step by step is here .

Preserve a bit of sand to help you remember the wonderful time you've spent on beaches both near and far!
You will need:
Sand from as many different beaches as possible
Wood glue
Ready made paper tags
String or wire to hang

  1. Write the name of the beach the sand is from on the top of the tag. 
  2. Cover the bottom of the tag with a layer of wood glue. 
  3. Sprinkle sand on to cover the glue (as if you were working with glitter). 
  4. Allow the tag to dry completely and repeat the last step if necessary. 
  5. Hang your various tags in a cluster with a bit of wire or string and nails. 
  6. Remember to add to your collection each time you visit a new beach! 

TIP: This is a perfect home decor project to do with your kids!

holiday decorating tips

Pot of amenities Christmas holiday decorating ideas

Hotels always provide guests with miniatures of shampoo, conditioner and soap. Here for us, as I always take my own products I end up bringing the miniatures home at the end of the trip. A great way to decorate with these "souvenirs" is by putting them in a nice glass jar and leaving them to sample in the toilet or in the bathroom to visit. In addition, these products can be very useful to be offered to their guests. Photo from here .

homemade christmas decoration ideas

Embroidered wall map holiday decorating tips

This project here is not to bring in the suitcase, but to remember the holiday destination forever. A frame embroidered with the map of the country, or even the state and a starlet marking the city that made success on your vacation. Fluffy or very cute?

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