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As the festive season arrives the demand for yummy treats especially the desserts and snacks upsurges. There will be more gatherings, teatime fun, weekend hangouts and family dinners. It could be very challenging for you to manage the table with food treats that are quick, easy, delicious and sufficient. When you feel that it’s going to be a guests month ahead, list out dishes that you are perfect with and also try some new recipes in that list to add more charm for yourself. Here we have provided some best recipes that are very easy, delicious and ready to serve.

Foods and Recipes Tips - cheese enchiladas, baja black beans corn and rice, chicken gyros tzatziki sauce, prosciutto arugula pizza, vegetarian club sandwich, strawberry protein smoothie

Cheese enchiladas of my dreams 

 The cheese lovers will escape into the delight of this yumilicious food recipe of cheese enchiladas. There are no of ways to serve this recipe. You can make cheese enchiladas one day and you can serve and have them throughout the week. Some day you can have it with salad, or simply you can enjoy them as a good breakfast, even you can have them with grilled veggies or whatever you like. 

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Healthy homemade kimchi ramen recipe 

 Treat yourself with a Healthy Homemade Kimchi Ramen recipe and you will love the it will satisfy your craving for an enriched and healthy food. If you want to make it even hotter, you can try adding more Korean red chili flakes, or even some cayenne pepper. This recipe is superb and can be prepared within 15 minutes.

For DIY Details: divinehealthyfood 

Prosciutto arugula pizza

 Here is this extremely twisted and exciting Prosciutto Arugula Pizza recipe. The best part of this is the homemade dough that is loaded with mozzarella cheese, basil, olives, balsamic glaze and much more that will make this pizza a never ending tale of your home. You can make it and refrigerate and then simply bake it before serving.

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Green chile butternut squash turkey enchiladas crispy sage  

Who can resist this super awesome Green Chile Butternut Squash and Turkey Enchiladas with Crispy Sage. This enchiladas recipe is ideal to utilize all the leftovers that are in your ridge from the last three days. You can easily make it with no fuss and mess and the sumptuous food will be on your table in the next ten minutes.

For DIY Details: halfbakedharvest 

Gina skinny chicken enchiladas

 Check out this deliciously enriched recipe of Skinny Chicken Enchiladas. This deep flavored recipe only calls for 6 simple ingredients, and is ridiculously delicious and comforting. This preparation will bring you a memorable time around the table that your family will love and cherish. This recipe is worth making and the feedback will prove it to you later.

For DIY Details: skinnytaste 

Shrimp enchiladas creamy poblano sauce 

 Yes we also have enchiladas recipe for the seafood lovers. Shrimp enchiladas with creamy poblano sauce is something that the seafood lovers will cherish. Shrimps, grilled veggies, freshly grated cheese and creamy sauce are the ingredients that make this recipe taste out of this world. Spinach and carrots are recommended as the match best with the flavors.

For DIY Details: littlespicejar 

Vegetarian club sandwich

 So, today is holiday and it’s very difficult to get out everyone from bed. So play a delicious trick and prepare these easy and quick vegetarian club sandwich with pesto spread. We bet that these awesome and nutritious sandwiches with tempting aroma of herbs and dressings will get everyone out of bed in no time. Begin your day with the sweet and aromatic these fresh sandwiches. 

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Crock pot chicken taco meat recipe

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 Yakisoba con pollo 

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 Strawberry protein smoothie 

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 Pork carnitas tacos with mango salsa 

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 Rosemary and cheese dinner rolls

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 Peanut butter pie 

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 Peaches and cream stuffed french toast recipe 

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 Baja black beans corn and rice 

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 Easy chicken gyros tzatziki sauce

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 Lemon blueberry high protein pancakes

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 Strawberry rhubarb meringue tartlets 

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 Tres leches cake 

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