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Learn a Student in Interior Design

Learn a Student in Interior Design

What is it?

The Interior Design course aims to train professionals able to develop activities in the areas of interior design projects, understood as occupation and ambiance of built spaces and / or physically defined.

Provides students with knowledge in the areas of methodology and development of interior designs, History of Architecture and Arts, furniture and interiors, furniture design and objects, graphic design language and presentation of projects and complementary facilities notions, the so that it can exercise their profession competently.

Qual the objective of this course?
Provide theoretical, practical and aesthetic knowledge to form the professional able to act on interior designs proposing the adequacy of space to various uses. In addition, providing its technological and technical competence in the treatment of variety of materials and tools, in line with ongoing support and constructive procedures and ability to work in multidisciplinary teams.

Form a critical and aware of their professional responsibility to the historic preservation of policy space (if any) with the rational use of client resources and the sustainability of the environment.

What is the target audience?
Students who have completed high school; university of design and architecture areas. Professionals who seek to empirically formed and specific theoretical knowledge of the area.

Learn a Student in Interior Design

What will I be gotten?

The student from the Course Interior Design will be able to design interior spaces (public and private) in a creative and innovative way, referring to a holistic perspective of the relationship of human beings and the environment they live in, considering the time, culture and the dynamics of the local reality where will be acting. Should also include the architectural language, as well as the implementation procedures of environments design projects, considering quality, safety, and economy.

In what area can act?
Furniture industry, lighting and loud. Retail companies as a sales consultant and consumer advice. Entrepreneur and autonomous designer.

Learn a Student in Interior Design

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