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Use of low furniture leaves modern spaces and creative

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The style ensures breadth and helps create a softer atmosphere for living room design ideas. Experts teach you the secrets to take advantage of this style.

To post modern and creative spaces, the use of low furniture in the environments is a good alternative that has been used by designers and architects. But these are not the only reasons why this type of furniture gets the attention of professionals who stand out as the greatest benefit option the fact that they make possible amplitude. For those who have little space at home, this means better use of every corner of the home, plus the feeling of lightness and relaxation.
Who agrees with this idea is the architect, which highlights the advantages of opting for this style. "Mobile lower impart a sense of greater fluidity in space and allow greater extent, since the volumes are lower. It is a trend in decoration "he explains. According to professional, large industries have produced lower parts and renowned designers have also opted for them, since that give a contemporary feel to the environment.
Decorator responsible for the service Decorator Online Shopping, Experts says the main advantage is the ability to create more visually lighter and current environments. For this, there are several options. "The most common furnishings are sofas, armchairs, coffee tables and side racks and beds. The chairs can also be made with lower backs, though the seat height can not vary a lot, "he says.
The architect says they are widely used in lounges and nightclubs, places that require a security that favors the movement of people. To choose which decorate the house, the professional also cites occasional tables and bedside drawers. "Just be careful because each resident has personality and different needs." And adhere to this type of furniture is not difficult, because, according to Valeria, there is a tendency for it. You can choose to size, but they are found in specialty stores. "The market already offers various types of lower furniture. Manufacturing is really necessary only in function measurements and adjustments, "says the architect.

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Although today be highlighted in decoration, Experts says that has always existed a pre-sizing to standardize the furniture, not necessarily, was the most comfortable. "Therefore, every mobile can be a lower height. It depends on how the user will suit him. "People who require this type of mobile are those more related to the design of the pieces.
But the need for more space in buildings has also meant that people of different profiles are interested in the low furniture, as noted by the architect. "Currently, the environments, in general, have lean dimensions and, therefore, the inclusion of low furniture has become a device used by architects and designers." Moreover, according to the architect, families are increasingly more seeking the integration of environments. "This type of furniture provides the interaction between the family. It is usually a more piece, without much detail, which serves to extend and integrate the spaces. "
Amplitude also favors by young and newly married to low furniture. Especially since the first apartment is almost always small. "With these pieces, the atmosphere is extended and at the same time, gives the feeling of warmth and comfort," said. The versatility is another attractive as the architect, since a large part of these mobile is found in modules, allowing changes and adaptations whenever necessary.

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Versatility in composition
Preferred by younger audience and for people who like to invest in home design, low furniture can be found for spot delivery or made in Cabinetmaking
The ease of finding this type of mobile marketing is currently one of the factors that has caused them to have great acceptance by consumers. But there are other, according to the architect. "Transport and accommodation facilities on the environment, in addition to versatility. With a good composition, it is perfectly possible to make a beautiful, practical and comfortable environment, "he says.
The decorator Experts notes that the trend for short stature pieces arose about 10 years, but was entering the market gradually. "As the lower furniture began to appear in stores and to be manufactured by vendors, people began to pay attention and accept them." Changes that occur in relation to what is valued and falls into disuse also led people to adhere to this type of furniture. "The trend of low furniture has everything to do with a change of behavior, standards and elegance of the concept itself: the magnificence and sophistication to the lightness, simplicity and authenticity".

But not all people who favor this furniture. According to interior designer, this type of mobile is very welcome for a specific type of consumer. "Young people are more open to novelty and among singles there is less concern with ergonomics. In general, the public is more concerned with visual and modernity than with comfort and practicality. Older people and higher do not usually adhere to this trend due to the discomfort of staying lowering all the time."
In addition to practical factors, there was a change in consumer perception about their needs and wants, explains the architect. "He realized he needed to optimize space while maintaining a contemporary language. Besides, when properly specified by a professional, can to minimize the cost of the furniture as a whole ", he says. But if you still choose to order them, the way is to resort to the help of an architect, who, with a carpenter, trace a needs program.

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Attention to the colors and comfort

Taken such care, all environments can receive mobile with a height less than conventional. Some pieces even have up to almost the same ground level, as explained by the architect. "It must be attentive to the ergonomic suitability. Very tall people will feel uncomfortable with this kind of furniture, "warns. The color also has a direct influence on the effect that the space will convey. Tone, volume and shape should be run with the objective set out in decorating project is achieved. The darker shades, for example, are beautiful and combine well with the proposal of the lowest mobile. "But everything will depend on the design concept and the client's aesthetic repertoire."

To choose the ones that will be part of space, you need to analyze the style, the composition and the concept of the environment. "Today there is a very large freedom of color. There are from the neutral (white lacquer, beige and black) to the strongest, which can make a nice contrast "indicates. The correct choice of objects to compose the space and its organization should also be considered. According to the choice of furniture that influences all other choices. "If the reading chaise is low, you can not pick a high lamp to accompany it. Already low coffee table allows the use of high loud, because it does not disturb the conversation between people who are on the sofas. "

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The use of decorative pieces will depend on each environment in which they are used, as noted. "A multipurpose room can have a large low table with cushions and futons on your back, which serves both for meals and to receive friends or family reunions. In this case, high furniture near this composition would break environmental harmony. " According to one should always think of several criteria, but mainly in harmony, rhythm and balance.

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