Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Tips for how to decorate First house

Attach a quick buck and leave the house. This is one of the desires of those who have early twenties. To help this class full of desire, but with little purchasing power, Home and Garden selected tips to decorate the first house little spending
Whether you will rent or buy: the first house is not always the dream. In general, it is accompanied by a lack of space or the need to repair thousand - which may not always be immediately resolved. So before you invest your money, consider what their basic demands and what type of property will include the. 'We are not talking about the home theater space with 5 meters between the screen and the couch, but to get together leisure, rest, cooking, studying and working smoothly. According to the architect, these are the first steps in choosing the nest:

 To facilitate the mobility of those who have no car or want to save on fuel, it is essential that the property is located close to public transport and trade.

 Details of the construction
 Watch out if the property has good insolation, ventilation and if there is space between the buildings. These are aspects that can not change and that, in general, value the building.

 Good rooms
 Notice if there is a good internal distribution. Since the buyer press the economy, there is no intention to bring down walls or start a makeover.

With keys in hand

 Find a house or apartment that fits in the budget was not easy, right? Relax! Now comes the most delicious part: the decor.

 The first suggestion would be to talk to a professional, which would present you a ready made design based on your tastes. But as the money is short, it is you who put your hands dirty and make the role of decorator or architect.

 First step: research a lot. Buy journals, visit websites and blogs and find out which is the style that has more to your face. Remember that in the decoration everything is valid as long as used with common sense. If you feel necessary, make a paste with cutouts for all environments that you liked. This makes it easier to identify what works best for you and devise your environment of dreams.

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