Monday, 22 December 2014

Living well in a republic tips

house and home

As life has not blessed me with gold bars worth more than money tray, I could not rent an apartment to live alone and just joining me to two friends who made high school with me riding a republic. After a year learning a few things here and there other about it I think I can already write this post for you. The tips will theme the coexistence money, notes there:

1) How much money will I need this month? At the beginning of every month to make a list of all the expenses that will be made. In my example by entering rent, electricity bill, telephone bill (with internet), round-trip tickets to my house here in Cataguases, food and extras. Items with variable prices as electricity and telephone bills you must set an average looking past accounts. And yes, set a spending limit for food based on the first and second month of republic to not exaggerate the next. Think of this value divided by four weeks, it becomes easier to control.

2) Write down what you spent today: have a book to make every week a table with 7 days and write down at the end of each of what you spent on the market, college canteen, etc. On Sunday take that same table and "give low" in bills of money you have left.

3) Define what you eat: Ideally each buy, do and eat your own food, but it exists only in a perfect world with chocolate waterfalls and cotton candy clouds. When someone buy basic food type rice, beans, oil, seasoning, meat and cleaning products (toilet paper, disinfectant, washing powder), take the invoice and divide by the number of residents of the republic. If someone buy this far beyond what you want to consume, let that cycles on the invoice what interests you and do the math of the items. Needless to say after you, a person's notion not attack fellow chocolate at 2 am, right?

4) Never hide food: people who live with you are nice people, after all you would be living there if they were not? So no need to hide their food, and neither they theirs. Another either (a spring cleaning for example) your secret pantry can be discovered and selfish fame magically be on your back.

house and home

5) used, washed: do not let accumulate dishes, wash your right after use. Nobody wants or will dishwasher other and when it accumulates, my dear ... There are no sword that wins the monster in less than 3/4 hour.

6) Choose a room to clean: to clean the house is not easy so beyond your room (obligation, right) choose another room to let always clean and tell your colleagues to do the same?. He who take a more easy to clean is more a task as caring for playing the expired food / damaged / moldy out and organize the refrigerator.

7) Mal mood? Woke up in a bad mood or had a stressful day? Close the door and isolate yourself because no one wants to take free kick. The tip also serves as "jumpy" for some of the residents.

8) Pay the bills as soon as possible: divide the responsibility to pay the bills, the ideal is that each pay always a (I'm talking about the act of going to the lottery, market or bank, not giving the money) and that is as soon as possible after all money is no problem if you followed the tip number 1. The accounts which next due dates can be given to a single person.

9) Enjoy the experience to be more independent: avoid going all weekend home of the parents once a month is enough. This will give you the independence you need to start having that stage and economy pro pocket of crowns that despite not complain about their presence know to pay passage from one city to another throughout the weekend is not legal.

10) Do not give reason: family fights can be constant, ever with people raised in other ways and with entirely different views from yours? The general tip here is: do not give reason. Wake up, make your bed, leave your room organized, make your obligations and no one will have to play in your face in no time.

These were the tips that came to my mind when I had the idea pro post. Helped? Living in republic is in your plans.

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