Friday, 5 December 2014

For Creative ideas reusing old items Recycle to decorate

Creative ideas for reusing items who we forgotten at home
For beautiful decorative elements, practical and inexpensive, can you renew old objects and give them new functions

A board of meat that is against and in good condition can turn jewelry door. The old crutches are easily transformed into rustic and charming shelves. Shelves, incidentally, can also arise with the reuse of doors already not serve a useless ladder or even with books to give support. To create different vessels, can you take advantage of old cans or bricks, which will get the plants in a very special way. How about renewing fair bins or an old television to make cabinets for drinks beyond creative? Now, if the intention is to dare, have you thought of hanging, literally, part of an old chair in the bedroom wall? It becomes a kind of rack and helps not to let the scattered clothes.

Who does not like decor items beautiful and practical? Some simple ideas show how you can reuse old objects in the decoration to give them new functions.That can be incorporated in different environments without spending much time or money.

Chair that turns rack

Ladder reused luminaire form

Door jewelry made with beef boards

cans that are no longer used can become charming spider veins

Without shoes, shoe accommodates personal hygiene items

How about keeping the drinks in television?

Ancient phone to support books

The wooden headboard is now hanger for gardening tools

Other creative vessels - this time in brick

Refuse fair to another liquor cabinet

Crutches reused are rustic and unusual shelves

The old port can also become this. Crutches are reused rustic and unusual shelves beautiful bookshelf

And the books as support? Another idea to bookshelf

The unused stairs is another option to create shelves

Here there are no rodents. They serve to 'capture' keys and messages

The drawer attached to the wall acts as bookshelf, key chains etc...

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