Sunday, 21 December 2014

Every teenager wants a beautiful room!

You seen every site different designs for home, we showed here on the blog "models " special rooms for teenagers, only our audience were the girls! see the post here.
Today 's post is especially dedicated to the boys. you think you decorate a room for teens is easy ?
With inspiration and a little care is sure to be a fun job.
Rarely teen room has a specific theme. teenagers love music, certain colors, television shows, among other things that end up as an indirect theme decoration. the big secret ?
Well listen to the teen that you have at home and the design of chat will lend a helping hand ! highlight only a portion of the wall paintings and color details and embellishments. the bed is in masonry and amended with the studies bench.

yellow walls, colorful prints and fun photos make this room a place to wake up with a smile.

this is a setting for a cool boy who likes to play video games, access the internet and read comics .

the stripes are always a classic choice for the boys room, but this, in particular, has the modern touch of red elements, which contrast with the sober colors and give life to the environment.

this traditional room has a built-in mobile around the side length with divisions for cabinets, closet, media center and shelves to display decorative items .

ultramodern, this teen room is flooded with blue and details in bright colors .

precious tips :
1 / young rooms need to be practical, comfortable and functional, it is important a place where they can listen to music, study, get on the computer and have a little more privacy .

2 / cabinets are very important, imagine if your child decides to be a musician ? saving instruments is not easy!

3 / cabinets are also extremely effective, although divided, this will surely help you in the mess they usually do .

4 / the lighting is more than necessary in order that it enhances the design.

The tip is : listen to the owner of the room, get to know your tastes, your preferences and know what he intends to do in the room :
- Only to sleep and watch tv?

- Either a space for study ?

- Want to expose any collection ? musical instruments ? skateboards, surfboards ?

- Need a space for entertaining friends ?

- Often have visitors who sleep in the same space ?

Again the low bed. tv on the wall, quirk in the curtains, hung guitar and good lighting. are effects that can give sophistication, if that is the proposal .

work on the ceiling plaster with a lamp that simulates the sun. plot with football theme and many rounded lines set the tone of this environment .

the grace that room was because of the wall coated with melamine materials and the huge plot with surf theme. there is an illumination by a large negative effect of gypsum. simple and super result.

the image below brings together two ideas : the skateboards decorate the shelves and bring color to the room. the other wall, wallpaper or plotting with world map.

this built is filled with purpose and functionality. the property has a long table with large drawers, attached to a closet and a super comfortable seat.

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