Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Dining Room Desings

We have already shown dining rooms HERE roundtables and now made a selection of rooms with oval table. Looking at the projects, a type of table stands out: a white oval table SAARINEN!

Designed in 1956 by Eero Saarinen Finn, is elegant and timeless and is used in many styles of decor and with various types of chairs. In addition, the base has a design that accommodates a larger number of chairs. It may be of white marble, black or wood, and various sizes: 160x90cm / 180x100cm / 198x122cm / 235x122cm / 244x137cm.

59- Dining room in bright colors with white oval table Saarinen chairs upholstered walls and sideboard with burnt cement finish.

60 - wonderful room with seating and integrated dining and several signed designer furniture such as white oval Saarinen table wooden chairs Lcw Arco lamp. Project Fernanda Moreira Lima, via Valentina home.

61- Dining room with white oval Saarinen table wooden chairs and rattan lamp pendant type. Featured in the china cabinet / wooden sideboard and mirror that is next to the table and have to design with straight lines, recessed lighting and beautiful embellishments. Project Mark Peruzzi, via Casa Claudia.

62- Dining room with white oval Saarinen table wooden chairs and pending fabric straw. I love this mix of styles with more modern details and more "natural" as the chairs and straw wallpaper curtains table linen with well leaked plot, I found this gorgeous design! Project Fernanda Moreira Lima, via Valentina home.

63- Dining room with white oval Saarinen table wooden chairs and pendant light fabric Round white lacquer sideboard with supported frames. I love the gray color of the walls contrasting with the highest white footer.

64- integrated dining room with white oval Saarinen table acrylic chairs Meridiana pending Bertolucci (love this lamp!).

65- Dining room table with oval Saarinen chairs Bertoia wooden sideboard La Canela lamp Lampe colored frame David Gerstein. Please note that the kitchen is integrated but can be isolated with sliding doors argentato glass.

66- Dining room table with white Saarinen chairs with chrome legs coated side wall of mirrors. Project Layla Cardoso.

67- Dining room with table Saarinen pending upholstered chairs fringed with crystal. Notice that were used 6 larger chairs, type seating, but could also be smaller 8 chairs. Via Casa Design.

68. Dining room with different super parts, such as white oval table Montenapoleone chairs Areta Franco crystal lamp. Project Santos and Santos.

69- integrated room with white oval table Eclipse wooden chairs and fabric ceiling lamp Tolomeo. We have already shown this room HERE.

70- modern gourmet kitchen with black oval table Eclipse acrylic chairs lamps Mirror Ball Tom Dixon. I love this feature to use the wood floor and ceiling.

71. Dining room with oval wooden table wooden chairs and modern chrome pending tissue wooden sideboard with wall paintings supported in burgundy color

72- Dining room with oval wooden table chrome pendant white chairs china cabinet white wood panel. Project A1 Architecture.

73- Dining room with oval wooden table pending white chairs. The floor to ceiling bookcase, taking advantage of the high ceilings, still secured more beauty to the room.

74- room and intregradas barbecue, with oval table Saarinem wood black Bertoia chairs floor of polished Portuguese stone (loved the idea and the result). Project Bruno Santa Cecilia, via Uol House

75- Dining room with black Saarinen table (or wood?) Chairs Ghost Philippe Starck black chandelier (almost can not see) burned cement floor (made with marble dust) large glass cloth that is the extent of dining room.

76- Dining room with two oval tables of the same size: a wooden glass and other glass metal. Chairs and benches were used with similar designs and different tissues. The bookcase beside the desk was made of wooden crates with recessed lighting.

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