Monday, 22 December 2014

Baby Boys Room Designs

Hello moms!

 Today I decided to post some inspirations for boys baby room ...
 In the next post I will do the same for the baby girls ....

 I decided to start with the big boys for being a moment that I am also living and usually parents find it difficult to get inspirations for boy rooms ....

 I personally like more of the little rooms with a retro or well hipsters footprint ... leave a little aside classical inspirations ... but many parents feel living a magical moment and the most classic or Provencal style just translating some of this romanticism parents, even in rooms for boys.

 All pictures were taken from the Internet and are part of our images for search base:

This room has inspiration in Aviation and the fabrics used were neutral tones and patterned more "adult", like chess and stripes ... also loved playing world map in some accessories.
 Here are some more inspirations that aviation theme line:

To complete the theme aviation could not help but put here the room we did in 2013 in the House Paraná Color ....

The inspiration for the space was the theme of "aviation", represented by decorative objects like bears with aviator clothes, metal airplanes and wood, and the use of fabrics that resemble the clothing of the 50 airmen (leather, fur , linen, cambric).
 On the issue of comfort we think of every detail: automated lighting, sound system, heated bench, heated towel racks and mirror defogger ensure the mother and son of convenience.
 Specific details still give more life to the room. Fixtures cloud format, signed by the designer Jose Ignacio Ballester, Mantra, and wallpapers with the same theme create the feeling of heaven in tears on the wall and ceiling.
 For the bathroom, the charm was transcribed in paging wall box made with pads that form a chess design in harmony with the colors and the patterns present in the room.
 The outfit was all designed by the office exclusively for the environment, in addition to any collection of clothes for baby, stylist Santa Catarina Given Ferreira, was specially created for the environment.

  This gray and yellow small room (above) is my favorite !! And served as a reference for the design of my baby ... He has Little Prince theme, but in a very subtle way, through the trousseau and some objects ... leaving and neutral walls ... The comics also used follow a more sober line and funniest texts .. escapes some of that child theme. LOVE IT !!

  This little room is Antonio, son of blogger Renata Betti Yasuda, Amici per Amici. What caught my attention was that room composition with patterns of selected tissues ... TOP !! The fabrics have a beautiful shade of blue and those cute prints fled totally traditional ... Another item I like these too are heads of animals on the walls ... They are sold in the things of Doris and have been part of some projects here the office too !! It is a fun and creative way to incorporate super bugs in the room decor ...

  Also in this vibe "modern safari" some more inspirations:

 I think for today is already good, right ...
 Next I will bring some good ideas for cute girls Room babies !! Wait!

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