Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Planes built house with three small land plants

Make a Planes built house with three small land plants, we include interior design and innovative green facade.Analyze the design of plans, facade and interior of a house on three floors with a single front built on land a few square meters, also see visual solutions to filter the outside with a green facade and get better views.

Plan of the first floor

  • Garage
  • Entrance hall
  • Bath
  • Toilets (toilet and sink)
  • Living - dining room (has triple-height ceiling, check cutting plane and interior design)
  • Linear kitchen design
  • Garden
  • Vacuum
  • Master bedroom (please check the background below)
  • Bathroom with bathtub
  • Terrace
  • Green facade (see photo facade)
  • Places to worship (third floor, is for believers families)
  • Terrible
Map of the second floor

On the second floor is the master bedroom only (9) with a full bathroom, it is also possible to design a small walk in closet in the space left after the stairs, also has a large terrace (11).

  Flat on the third floor
On the third floor guest bedroom (14) is located, could be the case that the family also increased so that became the children's bedroom.

  Cutting plane

In the cutting plane we see two aspects to highlight the dining room with triple height ceiling and also light metal structure placed on the facade that allows the placement of vines, revise this point with photos of the facade.

facade and interior design housing three floors

Design facade covered with climbing plants

In the design of housing is important to orient the rooms towards the best visual abroad, if we have this requirement can guide social and private areas to indoor gardens, if this is partially resolved, you can use the idea of ​​placing climbers Our Studio on a light steel structure, as we will see also allows you to filter the sunlight and give a relaxing effect inside.

Design of the dining room with high ceiling

Design of stairs with wooden steps

View of the dining room

Exit to terrace
Design a bedroom with wall and wooden floor

For more ideas, please enter: Design three-story house and Modern three storey house, if you need a distribution of typical environments you can not stop checking: Ideas of plans of small houses where you'll find other solutions to design the house your dreams.

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