Thursday, 27 November 2014

How to decorate the house to live with less

Today, we are bombarded with advertisements that somehow create "needs" somewhat questionable inside us! Do we really need all this? Here on the blog, do not tire of showing examples of people who can live with less, especially space. Some can live well in incredibly small spaces.

All those who got rid of many of his belongings to live in smaller environments and lead a life with less waste seem to be very happy! Not only is it a relief to get rid of the clutches of rampant consumerism, but there are also a number of economic advantages. Yes, the money left over to start later this month!

Today, we bring some tips from someone who decided to live with less and managed to improve the quality of life of the whole family. Not only are the habits that change, but the whole decoration and home architecture. So, you ready for this kind of change?

When A woman, her husband, and their two children moved from a large home to a temporary apartment while they were looking for a new home, they left many of his belongings with a furniture storage company and lived only with strictly necessary. That experience made the couple realize that they did not need all that had accumulated over the years. This was the beginning of a new life, where he chosen to embrace a life of simplicity. Soon after, she started her home without waste, Zero Waste Home, and went on to document the challenges and achievements. She points out that, at first, everything was a slow process, but once you started to pay attention in consumption and how her family lived, everything was simpler. So, it teaches how we can all do the same with a few ways to live with less.

Less Decorate Rooms

Bea Johnson warned: what you need in a room and a bed, a wardrobe and reading lights? In fact, we do not need much more than that.

With regard to the closet, she tells you to get rid of everything you do not use because you do not need to organize what you have not! Life becomes much easier when there are fewer things. Ideally, you keep only those garments that you are always looking and always come to mind when you open the cabinet. With fewer options, there is much less stress when the choice, especially for women. Better yet, you only have parts that suit you best available. And, in addition to saving space and time, there will be fewer clothes to wash and iron.

Try to get rid of some parts of your closet and some furniture and you'll be amazed at how much stuff you have and what you can live without! In this case, less is more, as learn to take better care of your belongings. Of course, the mess that is the environmental weather gets a little heavier disappear and your mood will improve greatly.

Speaking of humor, explore the natural light to enter and light colors on the walls help to leave the room more cheerful note, pictured above, as the combination of little furniture, natural light and bright colors, created a super cozy room.

Less Decorate Single Children Room

The children's room follows the same reasoning, only that for them, the key question is not furniture and clothing, but in toys. Just as adult clothes, many children use only a small part of the toys they have. Most of them are there for material attachment and not because that object has a feature for children. If parents will adopt a different lifestyle, it's good for children to learn to let go of things that do not use early on. Therefore, they will also have to select toys that are most important to them. We guarantee: they will not miss the other. In addition to being a life lesson, the family can donate toys that are not used and do other kids happy.

Less Decorate a Simple Room

After all, what is the function of a room? Most of the time is to interact with family, watch TV and read. Thus, all furniture and things that are not there to support these activities should not exist! All you need is a comfortable place to sit, lighting for reading and a simple hack to your TV and small electronics that go with it, as the TV receiver cable or DVD player.

Although carpets leave the very warm, they tend not to match the style of life "living with less." A good carpet is expensive and becomes a task in cleaning the house. Although not have a direct role in the room, a small plant can be very welcome as it brings a bit of color and joy to the environment, after all, if there is a space for rest and entertainment, you want a nice atmosphere . Finally, see how Bea explored a bit of color on the walls, to make things a little more cheerful.

It will be a challenge for the children, even the most naughty, mess up a room like that!


Less Decorate Kitchen

The kitchen follows the same reasoning of the other rooms, but we can solve most problems with a challenge. We challenge you to empty your kitchen and put all the stuff in another room temporarily. For two months, you just put back in the kitchen those items that you use during the period. For example, if in the morning you need plates and cutlery for breakfast, they will be welcome in the kitchen again. What you do not use after two months, are likely to be used and should never be given away. Of course there are exceptions. So you need a little common sense in time to get rid of things not used all that time. Ask yourself forever! Maybe that implement you think you can not live without, is not that useful.

And there's going to face? You do not need to take the experience to the extreme, as was the case of the people present here. However, you can bring a little bit, just a little, this philosophy to your life. It seems fun, but will be a aggrandizing experience and self-knowledge.

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