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July 18, 2018
Pallet wood is ideal to create variety of furniture and projects that will bring uniqueness and artistic look to your house. Pallet woods are so comparable, reliable and scalable to use. You can use the pallet woods in making various things. It does not matter whether you want something for indoor use or outdoor, pallet wood would serve you in all. Pallet wood does not get any sort of smash up with any weather. It would not be damaged in the rainy season. The pallet woods which are not treated with any type of chemical are safe to use. But if you are going to use those chemical pallet woods, then be careful. Here are some wonderful ideas that you can follow to craft something really useful for your house.

Pallet wood is ideal to create variety of furniture and projects that will bring uniqueness and artistic look to your house. Pallet woods are so comparable, reliable and scalable to use. You can use the pallet woods in making various things like this fine pallet wood outdoor bench.

For DIY Details: instructables

This lovely wooden pallet clock is perfect for your girl’s room. Dismantle wooden pallets and attach them to a thin wooden base. Paint with lovely color or with the color scheme matching your interior. The wooden hearts are adding to the cuteness and loveliness.

Time for love pink striped pallet clock design

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This amazing pallet wood table is perfect for your small study corner. Attach steel pipes with the base as legs which will add to the strength and durability of your vintage pallet wood table. Make a place for your files and folders underneath the wooden top. This dark brown polish has enhanced the beauty of your study table.


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The pallet wood wall cladding is popular especially for installation in TV lounge or as media wall. The wooden rack beneath the TV screen is best to flaunt your decorative items. The cabinets and shelves of wood beside the pallet wood cladding can hold your crockery or books.

Create wood pallet accent wall

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New pallet dinner table

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Diy wood pallet coffee table front porch

You will surely love the simplicity and beauty of this low pallet wood table, best to be placed in your corner sitting arrangement, patio or lounge. It is simple and rustic. The pallet has been kept in its original grain and condition. The wheels are attached to the base to have a moveable center table. That is the added utility.

For DIY Details: petitepartystudio

Handmade unfinished pallet shelf

The pallet wood wall shelves are always saving you a lot of space as they do not cover floor space in your house. This shelf is simple and rustic. You can use it as a mini bar or can display your nice and beautiful vases or decorative items.

Source: etsy

Simple pallet coffee table

While furniture should be pleasing to the eye, one should not forsake its functionality simply for beauty. The buzz that pallet furniture created a couple of years ago is still going strong today. If you are ecologically minded, think outside the box and like unique furniture pieces, have a look at this pallet coffee table.

For DIY Details: instructables

 Diy boys pallet bedroom refresh

Pallet wood could be perfectly transformed and remodeled into amazing outdoor and indoor furniture that could intensify the prettiness of any place or corner of your home. This pallet sofa presented in the below project is just a fabulous furniture idea that can easily be created. Create this beautiful pallet sofa by following DIY instructions in the below link.

For DIY Details: petitepartystudio

From Pallet to potting bench


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Reclaimed pallet wood planter box+

Garden is a great place to practice creative skills. Your garden offers you a place to experiment creatively with almost anything. If you are a creative person having love for art and crafts then having a garden is like a display area where you can extant all your innovative and artistic skills.

Source: etsy


Creating this purposeful and awesome puppy gate is so much easier than most would think, and there is not much more fulfilling than creating your own pallet wood puppy gate. The stained wood is a great piece of rustic decor and will bring a ton of warmth and texture to your space!

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Make your weekend funfilled starlight table lamp amazing DIY project. Create your own wooden decorative lamp out of wood. There are so many different ways these unique blocks of wood can be utilized by keeping them whole or reassembling them to create one of a kind lighting piece.

Source: etsy


Another inspirational project presented here for you is to craft this hanging lamp from pallets. There is no need to buy an expensive hanging lamp from the market that will not even fit accurately to your place. Must try this customized and unique idea crafted out of nothing but is 100 times better looking and creative.

For DIY Details: remodelaholic


While the average person may see an overused wooden pallet as a wooden structure that has outlived its usefulness, the truth is there are endless ways to recycle wooden pallets in creative and innovative ways. There is literally no limitation to what can be done with old pallets.

For DIY Details: diynetwork


This project is awesomely creative and simple. Use the cheaply available pallets to design this unique and artistic Centre table that will add a thematic ambiance in the living room. Follow the instructions to create your own DIY pallet wood center table.

Source: savedbylovecreations

Pallet project kitchen herb planter box

Here’s a fun way to reuse wood.  Make this kitchen herb planter box from  pallets or other reclaimed lumber. Pallets look trendy and artistic when transformed innovatively. There are so many different ways these unique blocks of wood can be utilized by keeping them whole or reassembling them to create one of a kind pieces of furniture.

DIY: ishouldbemoppingthefloor

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May 03, 2017
As the festive season arrives the demand for yummy treats especially the desserts and snacks upsurges. There will be more gatherings, teatime fun, weekend hangouts and family dinners. It could be very challenging for you to manage the table with food treats that are quick, easy, delicious and sufficient. When you feel that it’s going to be a guests month ahead, list out dishes that you are perfect with and also try some new recipes in that list to add more charm for yourself. Here we have provided some best recipes that are very easy, delicious and ready to serve.

Foods and Recipes Tips - cheese enchiladas, baja black beans corn and rice, chicken gyros tzatziki sauce, prosciutto arugula pizza, vegetarian club sandwich, strawberry protein smoothie

Cheese enchiladas of my dreams 

 The cheese lovers will escape into the delight of this yumilicious food recipe of cheese enchiladas. There are no of ways to serve this recipe. You can make cheese enchiladas one day and you can serve and have them throughout the week. Some day you can have it with salad, or simply you can enjoy them as a good breakfast, even you can have them with grilled veggies or whatever you like. 

For DIY Details: howsweeteats 

Healthy homemade kimchi ramen recipe 

 Treat yourself with a Healthy Homemade Kimchi Ramen recipe and you will love the it will satisfy your craving for an enriched and healthy food. If you want to make it even hotter, you can try adding more Korean red chili flakes, or even some cayenne pepper. This recipe is superb and can be prepared within 15 minutes.

For DIY Details: divinehealthyfood 

Prosciutto arugula pizza

 Here is this extremely twisted and exciting Prosciutto Arugula Pizza recipe. The best part of this is the homemade dough that is loaded with mozzarella cheese, basil, olives, balsamic glaze and much more that will make this pizza a never ending tale of your home. You can make it and refrigerate and then simply bake it before serving.

For DIY Details: tatyanaseverydayfood 

Green chile butternut squash turkey enchiladas crispy sage  

Who can resist this super awesome Green Chile Butternut Squash and Turkey Enchiladas with Crispy Sage. This enchiladas recipe is ideal to utilize all the leftovers that are in your ridge from the last three days. You can easily make it with no fuss and mess and the sumptuous food will be on your table in the next ten minutes.

For DIY Details: halfbakedharvest 

Gina skinny chicken enchiladas

 Check out this deliciously enriched recipe of Skinny Chicken Enchiladas. This deep flavored recipe only calls for 6 simple ingredients, and is ridiculously delicious and comforting. This preparation will bring you a memorable time around the table that your family will love and cherish. This recipe is worth making and the feedback will prove it to you later. 

For DIY Details: skinnytaste 

Shrimp enchiladas creamy poblano sauce 

 Yes we also have enchiladas recipe for the seafood lovers. Shrimp enchiladas with creamy poblano sauce is something that the seafood lovers will cherish. Shrimps, grilled veggies, freshly grated cheese and creamy sauce are the ingredients that make this recipe taste out of this world. Spinach and carrots are recommended as the match best with the flavors. 

For DIY Details: littlespicejar 

Vegetarian club sandwich

 So, today is holiday and it’s very difficult to get out everyone from bed. So play a delicious trick and prepare these easy and quick vegetarian club sandwich with pesto spread. We bet that these awesome and nutritious sandwiches with tempting aroma of herbs and dressings will get everyone out of bed in no time. Begin your day with the sweet and aromatic these fresh sandwiches. 

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Crock pot chicken taco meat recipe

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 Yakisoba con pollo 

For DIY Details: condospalillos

 Strawberry protein smoothie 

For DIY Details: foodnessgracious 

 Pork carnitas tacos with mango salsa 

For DIY Details: tatyanaseverydayfood 

 Rosemary and cheese dinner rolls

For DIY Details: foodnessgracious 

 Peanut butter pie 

For DIY Details: food 

 Peaches and cream stuffed french toast recipe 

For DIY Details: abeautifulmess 

 Baja black beans corn and rice 

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 Easy chicken gyros tzatziki sauce

For DIY Details: lecremedelacrumb 

 Lemon blueberry high protein pancakes

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 Strawberry rhubarb meringue tartlets 

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 Tres leches cake 

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February 01, 2017
We all like change, it’s human nature to bring change, variety, and improvement in almost everything we possess. Whether it is related to our personal life or professional life, we can’t keep things same and unchanged for a long period of time. Particularly when things are related to one’s personal comfort and living style, all we aspire for is the elegance, comfort, convenience, and durability. Our home is a space where we live, relax and nurture our family, so it must be a place with all positive attributes making it a perfect nest for your family to grow and enjoy life. If you are looking for some inspirational ideas making your home a perfect living space, here we have for you the most ideal and economical ideas to transform your home into a perfect living place.

Source: stylemepretty

If you are a crafty and DIY lover then it must reflect at the place where you live. It is universally true that handmade crafts always add value to the living space. People greatly admire homes adorned with handmade crafts. The craft works make your house look pretty lively and cherishing.

Source: designsponge

This scrap wood art on the wall will look immensely beautiful and give an industrial theme to the house. The living room is the basic center of your home since this is where people meet such as your friends. This is, therefore, the space in the home that will leave a long-lasting impact on the visitors to your home. It is, therefore, crucial that you ensure that you increase the perspective of your living room.

For DIY Details: makeit-loveit

Decorate outdoor living space family room

Here we have for you the most unique combination of blending outdoor furniture with the indoor furniture. As shown in below picture, see, how elegant look this pallet wood outdoor table is giving to the living room. This will be entirely an artistic transformation of your living room into an exotic living area.

Source: designdininganddiapers
Have a look of this beautiful DIY vanity crafted with elegance. This blend of traditional and modern look is simply awesome. The amalgamation of different elements into this vanity piece is something that you will find nowhere. All you would complement is; “out of this world”. Remarkably awesome vision and imagination.

For DIY Details: newblooming
Follow this nursery design. There should always be a balance between sophistication and whimsy. By displaying hints of imaginative elements such as children’s books, toys, and mobiles and pairing them with more mature elements, such as furniture pieces and lighting, you’ll always be even on the scale.

Source: thespruce

Source: countryliving

Source: thespruce

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